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We want to help you carry protective equipment your customers will want to wear. It's been too long since someone's been excited in the safety isle. ISOtunes has changed that. We have looked past clunky muffs and cheap earplugs to develop wireless in-ear protection. 

Merging accessibility of Bluetooth with comfortable in-ear designs, ISOtunes leads Bluetooth hearing protection in
Woodworking, Construction, Metalworking, Landscaping, and other equipment-based markets. 


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Frankly, we're sick of boring hearing protection. We launched the first bluetooth hearing protector in 2017 and haven't stopped there. 

ISOtunes consistently launches new innovative hearing protectors. Most recently, our completely wireless ISOtunes FREE.  

We get it. Your customers will demand the newest and you'll get stuck with older versions.  

Not on our watch.

We provide all of our dealers with a buyback guarantee on unsold units to keep our best gear in stock.

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ISOtunes offers RETAIlers: 

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BuyBack Guarantee 

3-5 New Products Per year

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