Eligibility Requirements:

If you already own the original ISOtunes PRO (1.0) and wish to upgrade to the new PRO 2.0, you must first meet ALL of the following requirements:

  • Purchase of the PRO 1.0 occurred in last 30 days (rolling date)
  • Purchase took place directly from ISOtunes (i.e. ISOtunes website, Amazon, eBay) and not through an ISOtunes dealer or retailer
  • Proof of purchase in the form of a receipt must be provided

Process for Exchange:

  1. Customer meets all of the eligibility requirements specified above
  2. Customer completes Replacement/Exchange form
  3. ISOtunes Customer Service will follow-up with customer to validate
  4. Once validated, Customer is to handle return shipping costs for PRO 1.0
  5. Once the PRO 1.0 has been received, ISOtunes will issue a full refund
  6. Customer is welcome to purchase PRO 2.0
  7. ISOtunes will ship the PRO 2.0 free of charge when available

(Note: Only valid for North American customers).