The DIY-er

Give your DIY Dad the gift of PRO Aware and ensure he never loses sight (or sound) of his surroundings.

The Landscaper

Lawn-obsessed Dad? We've got something for him with LINK 2.0: the ultimate mowing companion.

The Range Specialist

Ensure Dad's safety at the range with DEFY Slim BT - a no-frills, ultra-slim hearing protector.

The Mechanic

FREE 1.0 is the perfect audio solution for Dads who enjoy long days of turning wrenches and perfecting their rides.

The Hunter

For the Dad who's a passionate hunter, CALIBER's long-lasting battery life ensures he can go all day - and then some.

The Handyman

Dad's a fixer-upper? FREE Aware will keep his hearing in check without sacrificing his environmental awareness.

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Designed for Professionals. Tested to Industry Standards.

ISOtunes are industrial-grade hearing protection earplugs and earmuffs with built-in 3-in-1 technology to allow users the ability to isolate harmful noise, stream music and take calls — all from a single device.

Hearing protection for any need. Any environment. Any time.


By merging safety equipment with enhanced audio and communication technology, ISOtunes® products are the new standard in workshop hearing protection.

Brand Ambassadors

ISOtunes products are industry-tested and professional-approved! Get to know our network of bad-ass makers and professionals and see why they trust ISOtunes to protect their hearing in the toughest environments.

Safety Never Sounded So Good

ISOtunes® hearing protection merges certified protection with cutting-edge communication technology to give you a safe, enjoyable and productive experience in the shop, on the job, and beyond.

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