Hearing Protection for Construction

Do you work in the construction industry? From residential to infrastructure projects, proper hearing protection is necessary for anyone on a construction site. On this page, you can learn more about the importance of hearing protection for construction, the ISOtunes difference, and our top recommended models for your next project!

Why hearing protection is important for construction

Hearing protection is important in every industry, hobby or activity that regularly encounters loud noises - and the construction industry is no exception. Construction workers are exposed to equipment and machinery that emit loud noises - typically well above the 85 db threshold. And while it's imperative to protect the ears while out on the construction site, workers also need to be able to communicate with one another.

That's why more advanced construction headphones are often necessary on the job site - to help support situational awareness. These headphones do more than just protect the ears, but also enable workers to stay in tune with the ambient noises around their job site. We'll cover more of ISOtunes' industry-leading construction earbuds and construction earmuffs throughout this piece. But to really get an idea of how needed hearing protection is in construction, we'll review the decibel levels of some of the most common equipment.

decibel levels of common construction equipment

Many construction workers already use noise-canceling earbuds on their worksite. However, you might be surprised to learn that conventional noise-canceling headphones aren't the best bet for the job site. That's because, per OSHA, they often completely block out the sound of the job site environment. In other words, noise-canceling headphones can take away your hearing on the jobsite - and hearing is necessary to hear backup alarms and other safety signals. Without situational awareness, construction workers are at high risk of injury.

aware technology

The good news is there are alternatives to conventional construction headphones. One of these alternatives is ISOtunes' line of construction Bluetooth headphones that feature Aware Technology™. Simply put, Aware Technology™ protects workers from damaging noises while amplifying the important ones (at a safe volume, of course) so they can clearly hear the world around them and stay safe on the job site. It's all thanks to small microphones that are integrated into the headphones to pick up these surrounding noises and amplify them through the device. When a harmful noise occurs, Aware Technology™ shuts off to block the noise, then resumes working after the harmful sound has passes. Bottom line is that this is an ideal feature for those who frequently work in loud environments, such as construction, but need to be aware of their surroundings and able to communicate with others on the job site.

Often, workers will periodically remove their ear plugs or earmuffs on the job site when receiving directions or in order to better communicate with others. However, when this occurs, they're losing protection from potential hearing damage. Aware Technology™ ensures that workers don't have to remove their devices in order to hear directions or stay engaged on the site.

SafeMax™ Hearing Conservation Technology

Additionally, ISOtunes devices offer SafeMax™ Hearing Conservation Technology, which ensures that any device won't damage hearing. SafeMax™ limits volume output to 85 db, making all ISOtunes models OSHA-compliant.


ISOtunes' line of construction headphones feature Bluetooth technology. This means that workers can seamlessly listen to music, audiobooks, podcasts and take phone calls right from their headphones on the job site. Bluetooth helps workers stay entertained, engaged and productive as they do their work. Some of the key benefits of Bluetooth technology include:

1. Workers don't need to be near their phones or connecting devices, as Bluetooth has a range of about 30 feet. This means that workers can stay connected even if their phones are in another area of the job site.

2. Bluetooth technology does not draw a lot of power, allowing for extended listening times in between recharges.

3. Bluetooth avoids interference from other wireless devices, making for reliable performance.

4. It promotes a safe, hands-free work environment.

5. Bluetooth is an increasingly common technology that's easy to use. As more devices integrate Bluetooth technology, the learning curve to use it becomes smaller and smaller.

How ISOtunes Bluetooth Headphones Solves for Both Hearing Protection and Situational Awareness

It's possible to both have hearing protection and allow for situational awareness in a set of headphones - and ISOtunes' devices are proof of this. Historically, ear plugs and earmuffs are the best way to dampen sounds in loud environments. And while these conventional devices have done a good job to protect the ears, they don't do a good job of promoting situational awareness on the job site. ISOtunes allows users to have the best of both worlds.

While workers can have both hearing protection and situational awareness when wearing ISOtunes, on the job site, it's still important to practice other ways to improve communication. ISOtunes' headphones can complement strategies such as:

1. Using the SLAM technique (Stop, Look/Listen, Assess and Manage) whenever a worker senses that he or she may be at risk on the job site. Remember that nothing on a job site is worth a worker getting injured. If something doesn't seem right, it's probably because something is not right.

2. Using hand signals and warning signs to communicate when hazards are present.

3. Identifying hazards or potential risks from work activities on the site through morning huddles or safety talks.

4. Finally, it's also worth mentioning that ISOtunes' Bluetooth headphones are designed to be lightweight and comfortable to wear. We understand why hearing protection may seem like a tolerated inconvenience, and that's why we've designed our headphones for maximum comfort and flexibility. We want workers who wear ISOtunes headphones to be so comfortable that they forget they're even wearing them.

Additional Benefits

Aside from serving as a one-two punch for situational awareness and hearing protection, ISOtunes products also offer a variety of other benefits. For example:

They're durable: ISOtunes headphones are built to last in demanding environments, such as on the job site. Many ISOtunes headphone models are water, sweat, and dust resistant.

An industry-leading one year warranty backs ISOtunes headsets for purchasing peace of mind.

Construction Pros Who Use ISOtunes

Don't just take our word for it - take it from the construction influencers who use ISOtunes on their respective job sites. One such influencer is none other than Kyle Stumpenhorst of Rural Renovators (RR) Buildings. The maker specializes in post-frame construction, specifically when it comes to residential, agricultural and commercial industries. The one-time white-collar worker traded in aspirations of a corner office for a hammer and nail and actually cut his teeth remodeling an old farmhouse. He spent the next several years learning and growing as a construction professional before founding his own company.

Stumperhorst knows how important it is to protect your ears when you're on the job site working with heavy-duty tools. It's why he doesn't trust his ears to any PPE equipment but ISOtunes. Plus, Stumpenhorst can be certain that not only is his hearing protected with ISOtunes products, but that he can also be aware of his surroundings. He likes being able to safely have conversations with the people he's working with.

Honorable Mentions

Industry Accolades

Pro Tool Innovation Award 2020

ISOtunes PRO 2.0

Pro Tool Innovation Award 2021

ISOtunes PRO Aware

Our Favorite ISOtunes Hearing Protectors for Construction

A look at ISOtunes' best headphones for construction:

PRO 2.0: A best-selling ISOtunes product, the PRO 2.0 series is designed to stand the most rigorous construction environments. With solid battery life (up to 16 hours), this ultra-durable model is ideal for the construction site or the workshop. A 2020 Pro Tool Innovation Award Winner, it's sweat, water and dust resistant and comes with an IP67 rating. These ANSI-certified and OSHA-compliant headphones come with an NRR of 27.

FREE: With a noise reduction rating of 22, these earbuds offer flexible freedom and all-day battery life. The FREE earbuds are light (weighing just 4.5 grams), compact, and wireless so that workers can do their jobs without any distractions. They're so light, convenient and comfortable that you'll forget they're even in your ears. These buds come with with a special charge on-the-go kit, which can offer two full recharges before you need to find an electrical charging outlet.

PRO Aware: Hearing protection meets comfortability and situational awareness with the PRO Aware headphones from ISOtunes. A winner of the 2021 Pro Tool Innovation Award, PRO Aware provides up to 26 dB of protection while amplifying environmental sounds and allowing for seamless communication with other on-site workers.

FREE Aware: These earplugs are both cordless and waterproof, allowing construction professionals comfort and flexibility. Packed with Aware Technology, they allow for easy and convenient communication with other on-site workers while still offering adequate hearing protection.

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