Meet the LINK Product Family

Meet the LINK Product Family

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ISOtunes is the global industry leader in certified hearing protection with Bluetooth connectivity. While all ISOtunes products provide OSHA-compliant protection with superior audio and communication technology, not all product features are alike. Depending on your environment, hobbies, and personal preferences, some ISOtunes products may suit your needs better than others. 
To help you Find your Fit, we've released a blog series that dives into the unique features of each product family. While we only have one design in this product family right now, we’ll be releasing new additions in the near future. Keep scrolling to see if the LINK Product Family is right for you!

ISOtunes LINK Product Family

ISOtunes LINK is great for those who simply prefer over-ear protection. If you’re sick of bulky, heavy earmuffs and are looking for a more lightweight and modern design, LINK could be the product for you.
Key Features / Differentiators: 
  • Over-ear design 
  • Memory foam ear cushions and ventilated headband
  • More battery options (AAA or rechargeable lithium ion battery
You may like ISOtunes LINK if...
  • You prefer earmuffs rather than in-ear hearing protection.
  • You’d like the option to use AAA batteries for 28 hours of battery life.
  • You’ve had earmuffs in the past and are looking for a more comfortable, lightweight design.

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