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Why Choose ISOtunes?

Hearing protection hasn't be sexy in.. well.. ever. Your employees begrudgingly wear earplugs that get throw away daily. Imagine if your employees had hearing protection they loved and you trusted. We deliver enhanced the safety and enjoyment of your workplace to your entire team through NIOSH and OSHA compliant protection connected with Bluetooth.

Why talk about it? We can prove it. Let us send you a sample to test for your business. 

Best-Selling Models


ISOtunes PRO 2.0

ISOtunes Xtra

Worried about employees taking phone calls or listening too loudly? 

We understand. We offer industrial models to provide options with no microphone and/or additional volume limits.

Focused on the Features

OSHA & NIOSH compliant to block 27 decibels of noise from machinery and equipment.

State of the art connectivity with Bluetooth 5.0 featured in PRO 2.0 and FREE.

Battery life for a full day of operation. All models can be counted on for 8 hours of use.

Durable and guaranteed to last. Rated up to IP67 for water, dust, and sweat proof.

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ISOtunes is a win-win 

Enjoyable experience for Employees 

trusted, Certified Protection 

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