Properly inserting your eartips guarantees better noise reduction and superior sound quality from your streaming devices. Follow our 6 step guide for properly inserting your eartips:

  1. Screw a single TRILOGY™ foam eartip onto your ISOtunes earbud.
  2. With one hand, roll the foam eartip between your index finger and thumb for 5 seconds.
  3. Continue to squish and compress all sides of the eartip while the opposite hand pulls up on your ear.
  4. Immediately push the earplug into your ear as far as you can (this should not hurt nor feel uncomfortable).
  5. Firmly hold the earplug in your ear for 15 seconds, allowing the foam to fully expand in your ear canal.
  6. Repeat with the second eartip.

If properly inserting your eartips does not deliver optimal noise protection and sound quality, you may be using the wrong size. 

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