Earplug Headphones for Construction

3-in-1 Hearing Protection, Music, and Calls

Power tools, equipment and heavy machines are constantly wearing you down as you work. The noise exposure is not only exhausting, but dangerous and damaging, especially over time. If you want to keep your hearing until a ripe old age, you’re likely already doing what you can to protect it. But now you can do more than just protect it.

ISOtunes® aren’t just hearing protectors, they’re also the most effective way to stay connected while on the job site. Whether it’s one-touch for phone calls or wireless access to all your music, ISOtunes® bring the power of your phone right to your fingertips, in the form of lightweight, durable earplug headphones.

Each ISOtunes® product also includes our signature background noise-cancelling microphone technology, which allows you to use many tools and machines without interrupting your phone calls. Our microphones pick up steady-state noises like saws, fans, and vacuums and cancel them out so the person you’re talking to can’t hear them. Checkmate, power tools.

ISOtunes® products are also much smaller than their earmuff alternatives. Weighing merely grams and fitting into any pockets, ISOtunes® products can be brought anywhere and used comfortably anytime... even when it's 100+ degrees outside.

Common Construction Noise Exposure

Common Construction Noise Exposure

Note: when using ISOtunes® products, please be sure to take the proper safety precautions. 

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